Lean Manufacturing

We can save time and money by addressing lingering, stubborn, or unresolved challenges.  Altemir Consulting implements lean transformations throughout the supply chain from order entry to shop floor to shipping.  Manufacturing firms in a variety of industries can look to us to enhance their cost, schedule, and quality performance.


Supply Chain

Leverage your suppliers' capabilities by optimizing your internal planning and procurement processes to drive a coordinated and cost-conscious supply chain. Altemir Consulting can often dramatically reduce inventory while still maximizing material availability and customer fulfillment rates.


Getting the most out of your existing systems is our goal.  ERP optimization is one of our specialties.  We also have expertise in MES, PDM, PLM, CAD, CAM, MDC, and QMS.  Altemir Consulting can cure informational deficits and tighten business practices throughout the enterprise or in specific focus areas.


We can provide product design troubleshooting and regulatory compliance support.  Implementation of New Product Introduction (NPI) and engineering change control processes, together with integrated CAD and PDM systems, can ensure the success of new product design-to-manufacturing transitions.

From the Shop Floor to the Board Room ...

Altemir Consulting provides hands-on results-oriented consulting and project support  for small, medium, and large manufacturing firms wishing to improve overall performance.

Our experience has mostly been in job shop type environments dominated by high mix.  Businesses we have been involved with have ranged from pre-revenue start-ups with a single product line to multi-billion dollar public companies having tens of thousands of SKUs and very deep bills of materials.

We can help you:

  • Overcome lingering or unresolved operating challenges
  • Instantly expand the capabilities of your team
  • Obtain results often within 30 days 

We believe in pursuing transformational improvements that are permanent and sustainable.  We avoid incremental workarounds that just skirt the periphery of your business' true challenges.

We particularly enjoy working with small growing businesses where key operating improvements can be particularly meaningful.

Production Scheduling and Control

We are the ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) experts.  Our Lean MRP production scheduling and control methodology let's you establish a Lean pull system on the shop floor using your existing ERP system.

Visit our Lean MRP page to learn more.

Explore the Possibilities...

We welcome inquiries from all businesses, small and large, that are eager to move to the next level.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs at no obligation.