Turnaround Management Consulting

Altemir Consulting can help transform a business by reviewing, developing, and quickly instituting tangible operating improvements.

In some cases, we can structure our compensation to be contingent upon realized profit margin improvements without exacerbating current operating losses.


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Our years of practical hands-on experience in turning around manufacturing operations can be favorably brought to bear on your business.  We have been involved in businesses ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to $3 billion revenue so no business is too big or too small.  The improvements we can help bring about can be particularly meaningful in maximizing firm value before a sale.

We can bring about positive changes in any of the following areas:

  • Production material and labor cost reduction
  • Overtime labor cost reduction
  • Work-out of past-due order backlogs
  • On-time performance
  • Production scheduling
  • Shop floor control
  • Customer order management
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Inventory reduction (raw materials, WIP, and finished goods)
  • Engineering change management
  • Capital investment assessments


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