Production Scheduling Consulting

We are the Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) experts.  Our Lean MRP production scheduling and control methodology let's you establish a Lean pull system on the shop floor using your existing ERP system.

Finite capacity production scheduling and shop floor control is the cornerstone of our consulting practice

We recognize that typical approaches to scheduling are often non-optimum and counter-productive.

We can establish control system elements in your existing system to reliably:

  • Maximize on-time performance
  • Maintain customer-driven shop floor priorities
  • Reduce manufacturing lead times
  • Promote schedule stability
  • Improve accuracy of forward-looking estimated completion dates (ECDs)
  • Promote the right part at the right time particularly as needed by assemblies
  • Reduce WIP inventory

Some of the specific services we can provide include:

  • System Setup and Tune-Up.  We can re-tune your ERP production scheduling to meet the dual requirements of driving the shop floor using customer-driven priorities and accurately predicting order completion and shipment dates.
  • Master Data Management.  Altemir Consulting can review and update key scheduling-related master data.  We can also put processes in place to sustain and maintain accurate data.
  • Pull-Based Shop Floor Control.  See our Lean MRP page, book, and videos to learn about how you can use your existing ERP system to establish lean pull-based flow.
  • Schedule-Adherence Metrics.  We can develop and implement metrics that dissect executional on-time performance at all levels, all work centers, and all sites.
  • Capacity Planning.  Our ERP optimization approach will meet all your operating business objectives including the capability to monitor and measure load and capacity at all points within your manufacturing sites.

Why your ERP scheduling doesn't work and how to fix it

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