ERP Optimization Consulting

We have extensive experience in maximizing the benefits of new and existing ERP systems.  Our goal is not to implement every bell and whistle that your system offers but rather to leverage your system's capabilities to promote optimal business practices that maximize the effectiveness of key facets of your operation.  Tangible cost savings, efficiency improvements, and on-time performance are the goals.

Particular areas of data and process optimization include:

Master Data Clean-Up and Management

It's a known fact:  ERP systems won't run well if the underlying master data isn't up to par.  We can work directly with your system's back-end database to quickly and effectively clean up bad data.  We can also help you implement a program of master data governance to ensure sustainable data quality going forward.  Having clean and accurate part master lists, BOMs, manufacturing routings/methods, and time standards can be well within reach.

Production Scheduling and Control

Production scheduling and shop floor control are the cornerstone of our consulting practice.  We are the "go-to" consultants for those companies that are not satisfied with their current production scheduling practices and wish to improve their operation's on-time performance.  Altemir Consulting is also unsurpassed in its ability to eliminate schedule volatility with the aim of re-establishing customer-driven work priorities on the shop floor.

Visit our Lean MRP page to learn more about our unique approach to instituting Lean pull based flow on the shop floor using ERP production scheduling.  This is a novel technique that usually doesn't require additional capital investment.

Inventory Management

Altemir Consulting is adept at establishing statistically optimized inventory and purchasing parameters and implementing them as part of an improved inventory management program.  We have achieved inventory reductions greater than 25% while maintaining fulfillment rates greater than 95%.  We understand the mechanics of demand forecasting, MRP, and inventory control that are applicable to distributors fulfilling customer orders as well as manufacturers who seek to maintain sufficient on-hand raw materials.

Visit our Inventory Management page for more information.


Supply chain management organizations will appreciate our expertise in eliminating MRP-driven schedule volatility.  A carefully crafted program of master data management together with inventory control can significantly improve your organizations ability to practice just-in-time (JIT) purchasing and maintain adequate inventory stocks.

Other Functional Areas

We can address a variety of other areas such as customer order management, document control, quality inspection, and engineering change management.

Extensive ERP System Experience

We can bring about positive changes with almost any ERP system.  We also have deep database management, programming, and analysis skills that can help rapidly transform certain aspects of your ERP functionality.

Some systems we have worked with include but are not limited to:

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