ERP and Enterprise IT System Consulting

We have extensive experience in maximizing the benefits of  a variety of ERP systems whether you're a small business utilizing QuickBooks or a multi-billion dollar business with expansive enterprise IT system investments.  Altemir Consulting provides:

  • System selection, planning, and implementation
  • Project management
  • ERP optimization of existing systems (including data cleanup, production scheduling, inventory management, MRP purchasing, etc.)
  • Sustained training and support

Our goal is not necessarily to exercise every bell and whistle that your system offers but rather to leverage your system to promote optimal business practices throughout the enterprise.

We usually can support nearly any ERP system as we have experience with a wide variety of business systems including but not limited to:


  • Infor VISUAL
  • Epicor
  • SAP
  • QAD
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • MRPEasy (QuickBooks Online-compatible)
  • Cetec ERP

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS):

Production scheduling and control is our specialty.  Visit our Production Scheduling page for more information.

  • Planet Together
  • SAP
  • Infor VISUAL
  • Epicor

Shop Floor Manufacturing Execution System (MES):

Shop Floor Machine Data Collection (MDC):

  • Factivity
  • Predator
  • Mastercam

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