Dallas Manufacturing Consultants – Dallas, Texas

  • On 05/29/2018

Altemir Consulting is conveniently located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metropolitan area with considerable expertise in aerospace, defense, medical devices, and contract manufacturing consulting.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a free initial consulting consultation.

Our services span lean manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering, and enterprise IT (including ERP).

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Lean Manufacturing.  We are adept at reducing lead times, improving on-time performance, and improving manufacturing efficiency using lean manufacturing techniques.  We are also able to identify and resolve production rate bottlenecks.
  • Inventory Management.  Altemir Consulting can often dramatically reduce manufacturers' raw material, WIP, and finished goods inventories while still supporting fill rates greater than 95%.
  • Production Planning, Scheduling, & Control.  Altemir Consulting's expertise is unsurpassed in establishing effective Lean shop floor control systems to dramatically improve on-time performance.  Lean MRP is our innovative production scheduling and control methodology that uses your existing ERP or APS scheduling system to establish pull-based Lean flow on the shop floor.  This is a highly desirable approach, particularly for high-mix job shops.  Click here for more information.
  • Material Availability.  We can establish Lean material management processes using kanbans or MRP to ensure that shop floor material shortages are eliminated.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency Enhancements.  We can help drive shop floor efficiency improvements to reduce cycle times, reduce labor cost, and increase productivity.
  • Capacity Planning.  We can establish metrics and strategies to help identify and overcome manufacturing bottlenecks and establish effective load and capacity management to ensure that customer demand is reliably met.
  • Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (SIOP).  Altemir Consulting can implement a SIOP program that uses effective sales forecasting to drive capital planning and staffing to keep the factory and supply chain ready for what's over the horizon.

Dallas/Fort Worth Location:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are in the Dallas or North Texas area and are in need of a manufacturing consultant.