Demand Forecasting: How Not to Do It

  • On 12/30/2019
Many manufacturers and distributors encounter common pitfalls when formulating their demand forecasts and operational planning   The old adage is that forecasts are always wrong.  Since no one can see into the future, this is certainly true.  However, we can observe how our forecasts are wrong over time and optimize them accordingly in a way […]
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What Kind of Direction is Your APS Production Scheduling Providing Your Supply Chain?

  • On 10/11/2019
We examine how an APS-generated schedule can be better used to connect your supply chain to customers’ requirements to achieve improved on-time performance ERP-based Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) functionality provides manufacturers the important ability to manage material purchase orders and shop floor production orders subject to finite capacity resource constraints.  This enables a practical […]
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Trivia Question: Should You Reschedule Production Whenever Machines Go Down or Workers Call in Sick?

  • On 01/13/2019
We examine the circumstances under which production rescheduling can either be helpful or hurtful in driving on-time performance.  The answer may surprise you. I suspect that the majority of manufacturing and production control managers believe that their ERP shop floor calendars should ideally be updated whenever unplanned events occur in order to keep the production […]
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Why Having One Production Schedule is Not Enough

  • On 08/28/2018
If you’re running APS scheduling, then you must know that one production schedule will probably not meet all your business needs   If you’re running Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), then you must know that one production schedule will probably not meet all your business needs.  You can test this assertion by selecting which of […]
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